Discover the power in the data

We need to understand today's world to plan for the future and make wise decisions.

Knowing the importance of carefully managing data, we develop digital transformation solutions that generate value to our clients, our teams, and society.

What we do

With advanced data analytics, we discover business opportunities and produce innovative technology to increase our clients' capacity to make wise decisions, extracting maximum value from the data.

We thoroughly diagnose the needs and opportunities to bring analytics into decision-making processes. We configure a scalable infrastructure for data and software development, providing in-house training to your team.

Thus, we help your company climb up the maturity ladders of data use and UX practice.


Artificial intelligence, process mining, and analytics (data, text, video).


Data lake and cloud storage, using structured and semi-structured data.


Supporting all stakeholders, reducing costs and errors, and increasing efficiency, efficacy, and satisfaction.


Agile development, continuous evolution, and microservices.


Finding opportunities, maximizing ROI, and increasing maturity in data use.

Who we are

We are a team of professionals and researchers with strong experience in data science, data engineering, UX design, technology, and business.

We are a multidisciplinary team with strong ties with universities, where we develop state-of-the-art research and generate knowledge to apply in our projects.

How we work

We combine personalized service and an agile methodology of experimentation in analytics, which brings results fast and allows continuous improvement of each project.

Through our experimentation process, we identify and build integrated solutions tailored to your enterprise.

At each cycle, we balance the discovery of new opportunities and the refinement and extension of tools generated in previous cycles, aiming at gradually increasing the autonomy of decision makers with robust, highly usable tools.

a circle with our work cycle, including the following activities: discovery and demand, ideation, experimentation and insights, development, use and monitoring, and learning, going back to discovery and demand

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